Single Zone And Dual Zone Wine Coolers Basic! Read it

Wine coolers store wine bottles at its optimal temperature to preserve its taste and prolong its life. Smaller sized wine refrigerators have a single temperature for the whole system while the bigger ones are able to maintain two different temperature zones separately. Below is an explanation of single and dual zone wine coolers along with the advantages and disadvantages of each. Continue reading

[guide] What You Need To Know When You Buy Wine Coolers

What You Need To Know

What essential thing you should know when purchasing for wine refrigerators? – This wine cooler review below will help you answer this question.
Wine coolers or fridges are storage devices which are designed for short-term use. They will help to keep wine at the temperature ranging from forty to sixty- five degrees Fahrenheit, which is suitable for comsumption and depends on the particular features of each kind of wine. When you have already a arrangment for permanent storage such as a wine cabinet, a mini-size wine cooler is also fine. A variety of people simply buy a wine only when they have demand for it. That is why they also need a small wine cooler to keep it because they don’t have an intention to keeping dozens bottles of wine. Continue reading

What should you do to store open red wine

In some special circumstances, when you can’t drink out of an open bottle of wine, you also don’t want to abandon the remaining volume. It’s necessary for you to know how methods to store your wine for later. Today I will show you the way how you can best preserve your wine.

Why open red wine need to be stored?

Without storage in right way, wine will goes bad soon because oxygen will turns it into vinegar. So the key factor is to minimize the amount of oxygen touching the wines’ surface. Now, there are several measures can be taken to extend shelf life of the open wine. Most of them are based on some rules like reducing the areas which is exposed to oxygen as well as removing or substituting the oxygen. It is the fact that we can store some kinds of red wines for up to a week with the necessary TLC. Continue reading

good reliable wine coolers

What is a good reliable wine refrigerator

The most suitable wine refrigerator really depends on your demand. If you want to decide what is the best one, you should put some following factors in consideration.

Bottle capacity

Of all capacity which a wine cooler have, generally 28-bottle capacity is a nice one. However, it still depends on your real needs in daily life. Here I will suggest several 28 – bottle capacity wine refrigerators which are in high quality in current maket:
EdgeStar Built-In 30 Bottle | CWR301SZ
NewAir AW 321ED 32 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric
Koldfront 24 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Continue reading

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